How to succeed in network marketing or affiliate marketing?

Dedicated work is the price of success in network marketing or

affiliate marketing business.

Dedicated and committed work is the key to your success in your home based business. Love your internet marketing or online affiliate programs and it shall give satisfaction and fulfillment. ‘If you do not get the job you like, like the job you get’ goes the proverb. Many in this mechanical age, instead of choosing their occupation are forced by economic necessity to work at jobs that fail to satisfy them. In real life you are compelled by circumstances and economic conditions.

Network Marketing Business gives the opportunity and freedom you lack when you are a worker or a self employed who toils his time for money.  Network Marketing gives me an opportunity to leverage my time and money and my business grows exponentially. That is why I love Network Marketing and it gives me the satisfaction.  Here you get the choice to work according to your time and gives the flexibility in business and schedule. I am my own boss and nobody to boss over me.

Internet has made affiliate marketing more appealing and desirable for anyone who has got some hours to spare everyday and willing to work online sitting in comfort of your home. So internet has made affiliate marketing work at home program or online as you may call it.  Build up your online business step-by-step and not at a shot. We would well avoid boredom, exhaustion and dissipation of energies just by doing the immediate task well. One tick at a time is the slogan. In the words of Dr. William Osler, the famous physician and scholar,” Banish the future, live only for the hour and its allotted work. Think not of the amount to be accomplished, the difficulties to be overcome, or the end to be attained, but set earnestly at the little task at your elbow, letting that be sufficient for the day, for surely our plain duty is; not to see what lies only dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”

Perhaps anyone could double his income from one’s affiliate marketing business within a few years if he persistently adhered to this rule. The effort and the pleasure of the moment is what matters. Put yourself thoroughly in whatever you are doing. Do not undo yourself by the vicious habit of postponing effort and determination. Give it enough time to be developed step by step and should not to be rushed through in hurry.  Internet marketing is not a push button business as claimed by some of the fake gurus who offer you solutions for almost everything and to teach you that trick they ask you pay for their service. You should be vigilant enough to keep away from these fraudsters. Keep fully focused on your genuine affiliate programs and should not be distracted by many glittering offers by some of the so called gurus.

Find out the hidden talents in you. One should find out what are the hidden resources available to develop your business. Be always looking for better methods in your work. Be forever seeking to improve. To be successful in your home, in the business, in the office and factory, you must have, in generous measure, pay off curiosity, determination and purpose.

To be a leader and a business man of substance one should adhere to certain qualities for himself; according to G. Milton Smith they are as follows:

1. To get satisfaction you have to give it.

2.  Hitch your wagon to a good strong horse.

If our aspirations are hitched too low, we end up in boredom, for the job which offers no challenge can, hardly arouse interest; and if our aspirations are hitched to the stars, we tempt the forces of frustration.

3.  Embrace the inevitable.

Life is full of necessary compromises. Many of us are compelled by economic necessity to continue in jobs which may not be ideal.

4.  Make room for self expression. Enjoy whatever you are doing.

5.  Be your own efficiency expert.

6.  Abandon the philosophy of ‘can’t’. This habit is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

Keep doing your task better way each time and you shall achieve the most unattainable task in front of you.’ Do it better each time.  Do it better than anyone else can do it.’ Success can be you companion if you are prepared to take on any hard task, the task that others don’t, won’t or can’t do. Be happy and successful and adopt time tested rules those suggested by David Sarnoff.

  1.  Adapt yourself to circumstances, but don’t lose character and purpose.
  2. Be frank but not blunt.
  3. Be courageous, but not defiant.
  4. Work hard and consistently, and not in spots.
  5. Specialize and master at least one thing, but don’t narrow yourself and lose perspective.
  6. Cultivate the power of expression in writing and in speaking, but don’t be verbose.
  7. Separate the fundamentals from the details and summarize for action, but don’t ignore the details.
  8. Have faith in mankind, and self-confidence, but do not be gullible or conceited.
  9. Be democratic with your business and personal associates, but do not to the point of breeding contempt or disrespect.
  10. Visualize and plan ahead, but not so far ahead as to overlook the immediate future.

Love your work, your best satisfaction.

Develop initiative. Ruts deepen into graves.

Have courage. It carries you through difficulties.



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